Introduction "Clusterer" is an application developed for building clusters of sequences. Clustering is performed to better quantify sequence variations in data set. Rationale Assumption of Clusterer is that sequences belonging to same cluster differ on small number of base pairs. Clusters are build of sequences that are closer to at least neighbour than predefined value. The Algorithm Description Program compares each two sequences in the library, and if they are closer than predefined distance places them in same bin. Bins are at the end of the process renamed to reflect their size. Reporting It reports in "Execution" frame, and "Done" frame. I'm working on paragraph that will describe outputs.
"Done" output is fasta set.
"Execution" output contains:
  • cluster count
  • cluster distribution
  • rarefaction friendly informaiton
Revisions 2004 Feb 14 - Added support for loading UTF-16 fasta files.
2004 Feb 11 - Removed JDK 1.4 specific API